• BlueReview Announces Partnership with Cityworks
    By admin 17 May 2013    

    BlueReview® will announce its new Strategic Development Partnership with Cityworks® at the 2013 Cityworks Annual User Conference, Wednesday May 22-24, 2013, at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    At the heart of the announcement is the release of BlueReview 3.0 – the Cityworks + BlueReview product integration—which allows BlueReview to share data and work seamlessly within the Cityworks software suite.

    BlueReview is a GIS-enabled mobile software product that helps public and private utility owners reduce the cost and liability of managing and completing One-Call Center locate requests and other fieldwork.

    Cityworks | Azteca Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of GIS-centric Enterprise Management Systems. Created for local government, utilities and agencies, it is designed to leverage an organization’s investment in Esri’s leading GIS technology.

    BlueReview 3.0 is scheduled for release on July 1, 2013.

    So, how will the two products work together?

    BlueReview automatically accepts locate request tickets from your local One-Call Center and helps you complete them. When integrated with Cityworks, BlueReview creates a Cityworks Service Request for each locate ticket and updates this Service Request as workflow progresses in the field.

    Use BlueReview to assign, complete, document, and archive each ticket digitally via the cloud; monitor work progress inside Cityworks. Done.

    In addition to One-Call Center requests, BlueReview’s mobile software can automatically import and then complete Service Requests that originate in Cityworks (available August 2013).

    What are the advantages?

    A few of the benefits and features of Cityworks + BlueReview:

    • Reduce liability with powerful documentation and retrieval
    • Automatically bundle and digitally archive photos, notes, and files
    • Powerful on-screen Esri® GIS maps
    • Upload and link photos from your mobile device
    • Capture savings in time, fuel, maintenance
    • Assign, track, and process fieldwork in real-time
    • Go paperless
    • Web-based access from any computer or device

    For more information or to get started with Cityworks + BlueReview, contact BlueReview or your Cityworks client relations or area account representative.

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